How to: Make 4 Litres Of Booze For Under A Fiver Using No Equipment!

So as I’m sure (most) of you wonderful people are aware, I am doing the Blogging 101 challenge, and today’s assignment is to post something I usually wouldn’t. So I thought to myself ‘What the hell can I possibly post that I don’t already do?’ I can cook up a half-decent Chilli, but I haven’t used a recipe book, in, ever, so I have no hope in hell of creating one for you guys.
I could post some of my stories, but, I’m very self-conscious about that stuff, so I’m not ready to thrust those into the ether.
So, I poured myself a mug of homebrew, and ‘ding’ went the light bulb above my head.

So here it is, my ‘how to guide’ for making dirt cheap booze with NO equipment.

**Just a little disclaimer, before doing this you need to check the legality of home brewing alcohol in your country, if it’s banned by law where you live please don’t continue reading. Also, although I will give you my methods for filtering nasties from your brew, I can’t guarantee that this method is 100% effective, all I can say is that I haven’t experienced any problems, but that is not to say that you won’t.

One last very important point, there is always an issue regarding home brewing, that being, your alcohol intake can exceed medically recommended levels quite easily, if you feel that you are drinking too much or for the wrong reasons then please go to this website or speak to a doctor to find out what you can do to regain control. Trust me when I say that there is NO shame in it!**

Right, now that’s done, here is what you will need.

  • 5 Ltr bottle of water – £1.10
  • 2 Ltrs Juice (Whatever flavour you want, personally I like Berry 5 Alive the best, whatever you use, make sure the juice has NO preservatives in it as this will kill the yeast.) – £2
  • 500g Sugar (500g will make approx 7% strength alcohol, for a higher percentage use 1 kg which will make approx 20%) – £0.65
  • Wine Yeast + Nutrients to make 5 Ltrs (Can be bought from your local homebrew shop/Wilkinsons) – £1.20
  • Cordial – £1

Optional equipment. (You don’t need this but I find it is better to have it.)

  • 5 Ltr Demijohn (you can get plastic ones for about £2, or glass ones for about £7)
  • Airlock (£0.84p)
  • Sanitizing powder (£3)
  • Funnel (£1.20)

*All prices are approximate, I have linked where I can.

First off, (If applicable, sanitize all your equipment thoroughly) clean off your work surface then pour out about 2.5 Ltrs of water from your bottle (this will leave enough room for the fermentation process), next grab a saucepan and pour out a further 1 Ltr into it. Put it on the hob and once it has started to heat up add the sugar untill it has all dissolved (You don’t need to boil it, I just find that a little heat speeds up the process).

Once the sugar has dissolved pour it back into the bottle and add the juice. Give it a little mix and next add the yeast & nutrients, (From my homebrew shop I can only buy yeast to make up 25 Ltrs so what I do is empty the packet into a jar and estimate about a 1/5 of the contents, if it’s a little over or a little under it doesn’t matter too much.)

Once all that is done, (*) replace the cap and give it a gentle shake to get things mixed up, but don’t take to long about this as once the yeast begins to work it will release CO2 and you will end up with a gooey mess all over the place. Once you have finished giving it a shake, loosen the cap enough to allow the gas to be released and leave it in a warmish place (Perfect temperature for brewing is between 18- 25C) for about a week, or untill it has stopped bubbling.

* For those of you with a demijohn and airlock place the bung in tight, fill up the airlock with a little water and push it into the bung untill you are sure it is air tight.

Once everything has stopped bubbling, you should be left with a sediment at the bottom of the jar, and sweet, sweet ethyl alcohol in the rest of the jar. It is now ready to drink, all you have to do is siphon or pour the contents into bottles/glasses/your cake hole, just make sure to leave the sediment in the demijohn/bottle (it’s not harmful as far as I am aware but it doesn’t taste very nice).

Now, I know I said you didn’t need equipment for this, but I do recommend investing in a water purifier to filter any potential nasties from your homebrew. I just use a run of the mill Britta water filter for this. Alternatively you can buy ‘activated carbon‘ from your homebrew shop. This needs to be added to your brew before it leaves the demijohn/bottle and allowed to settle before siphoning (although you should expect to lose at least a litre from your final product, in my experience anyway).

Your final product, after filtering, will have lost some of its juicy flavour, which is where your cordial comes in (I like to use summer fruits as it matches the Berry 5 Alive), just add a bit to taste to your brew to take the edge off.

And there you have it, quick, equipment free booze, feel free to thank me in the comments or, of course, if you have any questions as to the method or anything else, just let me know and I’ll answer you as best as I can.



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