The Problem Is UKIP

I got a disturbing leaflet through my door today, it made me think of putting your hand in something sticky, of the feeling of slugs under bare feet, of the goo left at the bottom of a bin after the bag has split and the Binmen haven’t been round for two weeks because of the bank holiday’s. It was a leaflet from all that is ugly in British society, it was a leaflet, from the BNP! For those who aren’t sure who the BNP are, they are a FAR-right “political” group who basically think that all of our countries woes can be solved by giving the boot to anyone who isn’t a pure bred through and through Anglo-Saxon. They are headed by this guy,

The personification of a moist fart!

his name is Nick Griffin, and he makes me want to puke!

So being a sane human, I held the leaflet aloft for the Mrs to see, proclaimed to her that “We have just received a leaflet from the BNP”, I took off my jumper, rolled up my sleeves, I held the leaflet with disdain pouring like sweat from both hands and beamed with pride as I tore it straight down the middle with all the ‘Man-Might’ I could muster. My Mrs didn’t notice, but I thought that if any one had been watching it would have made one hell of a statement, I was proud.

Luckily Nick Griffin is as erudite as badger with Alzheimer’s, so the BNP has little to no chance of ever being in power, if you don’t believe me, just watch this.

(If you have to base your argument with an ad hominem attack then it says it all!)

But the real problem is UKIP, now if you aren’t aware, they are a (not quite as) far-right party, who have pretty similar views as the BNP. They want an end to immigration, they want an end to our alignment with the European Union, and they want and end to our adherence to the Human Rights Act. They are the pretty face of nationalism.

Sort of.



I’m not going to go into the blatant hypocrisy of getting immigrants to hand out leaflets like these.

But what I will say is that I find UKIP and the BNP to be almost indistinguishable from each other, except that UKIP actually seem to be doing well in the polls. Before anyone jumps on the comments to proclaim that UKIP are not a racist party, let me just say one thing, at no point in my life, in any conversation, with anyone, have I ever had to say the phrase ‘I’m not racist.’ This is because I couldn’t care less about the colour of anyones skin, or where they are from, or what they believe, all I care about is whether or not a person is a c**t, and if you need to remind people that you are not racist every five minutes, then you sir, are a c**t.

Leaving the blatant racism aside, it’s not like their party even stands for anything that makes any sense, as far as I’m concerned, we should be full members of the EU. Then we can travel abroad in much the same way that Europeans can travel here, if I could just get a flight to the south of France to live out my years picking grapes in a vineyard I would jump at the chance. I would kiss goodbye to this gray, damp, cesspool and make a go for it over on the Mediterranean eating, mango’s or tomatoes, or whatever it is they eat over there?

Also, it’s not like you are ever going to lose a good job to an immigrant who came over here yesterday from f**k-knows-istan and only knows how to say Please and Thank-you in English is it? No, you are going to lose a minimum wage service or manual job to that immigrant. I’m not looking down on service or manual workers by the way, I am one, I move boxes from point A to point B for a living, before that I worked minimum wage in a bar. But guess what, I never lost my job to an immigrant, mostly because I work just as hard as Polish, or Bulgarians, or even English people. Employers hire people who it makes sense for them to hire, so if they can get a guy to work twice as hard as you for the same money, that’s who they will hire. So what have you got to do? Here’s a clue, it isn’t kick out the immigrants, the correct answer is, WORK HARDER than an immigrant, then you will keep your job! And if you do lose your job to an immigrant who can’t speak the language, and who just hopped the boat over here yesterday, then guess what, you are s**t at your job, and you have no one to blame but yourself for you poor life choices.

So finally we come to the problem with UKIP, the problem is that they are playing on your fear. They know that the people who are afraid of losing their jobs, are the people who need their jobs, the ‘zero hour contract-minimum wage’ working class. They prey on people’s fears by telling them that they are going to lose their jobs to Johnny Foreigner and that we should cut the cancer from our society before we sink, and they tell us that we can trust in them, they are like us, they understand the working Man/Woman. But underneath it all, all they want is the same thing that ALL politicians want, money & power, and they are exploiting the British people to get it!

Wow, that was quite a rant wasn’t it? I needed to release some pressure I think, so just to lighten the mood, here is a clip from Doug Stanhope, a dirty foreigner with a great view on nationalism.







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