Illuminiat.I.Am Not

Some of you guys will be aware that I’m into conspiracy theories, from Aliens to Fake Landings, Holographic Moons to Crystal Skulls, I can’t get enough of them! I am aware that roughly 99.999% of them are pure bulls**t, but I refuse to let the truth get in the way of a good story, so it won’t stop me from watching videos on YouTube etc. I do want to share an interesting one with you that I found the other week, and it concerns everybody’s favourite boogie man, the Illuminati.

I’ve written a post before saying how the only thing more dangerous than the Illuminati, is believing in the Illuminati, but now it seems that they have gone legit! They have a website, a book, and an advert that must be airing at stupid o’clock in the morning because I’ve never seen it on TV, you can check out the website here, and the advert down below.

*I’m not going to link to the book, if you want it badly enough you can do your own Googling.

I don’t know if you clicked the link or not so I’ll give you a brief rundown of what you would have found had you clicked it. The website itself is actually pretty well made; it looks like a professional website, it outlines some of the Illuminati’s main objectives, and dispels a few myths (like the fact that they aren’t actually Satan worshippers, but then again they would say that wouldn’t they?)

They’ll never suspect a thing, MUHAHAHA

Out of curiosity I emailed them, and then got an email back from ‘Thaddeus I Am‘,

No relation.

saying that my membership was being reviewed.

Fast forward a couple of days and I received another email in which they explained that to complete my membership, I had to answer a couple of questions that related to ‘Illuminatiam: The First Testament of the Illuminati’, unfortunately for them I’m not willing to spend £10 on idle curiosity. However had the book come with a free bottle of wine or a coupon for a free packet of Dairylea or something then I might have bought it.

Because kids will do anything for Dairylea… Or Wine!

But I answered the questions as best as I could.
I became a bit stuck when they asked me for a code that can only be found on page 57 of the Illuminatiam which I had to give in order to submit my answers, there by proving I had bought the book. If you’re asking “What is the code on page 57?” it’s 000000, that’s what I used anyway and it worked just fine. No doubt the Illuminati will be scratching their heads right now wondering how I worked that nugget out, but to them I say.


Again, I don’t know if you dear reader are into conspiracies, or whatever your thoughts are on the Illuminati as an organization, but I would like your opinion on this. Personally I do believe that there is a group of wealthy and influential people governing from behind the scenes, I don’t believe that they are Lizards, or particularly evil or whatever, but similarly I’m not going to be totally convinced by someone who goes by the name Thaddeus I Am.  So what do you think? Are they legit? Is it a new cult for the digital age? Leave your opinion in the comment section.


17 thoughts on “Illuminiat.I.Am Not

    • I wasn’t sure if it was just me, but it’s a little friggin weird isn’t it lol… I’ve been looking over the website and their facebook page and it really is presented as being legit, I can’t make up my mind about it… PS, I started following you on Twitter, how do you keep up with it all? You seem to be kept very busy with it. I’m not sure I could manage your output lol

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      • It’s almost like something from a sic-fi novel or movie.

        My blog is one years old on 12th Feb and ever since doing the blogging 101 course back in April last year, it’s been so busy with blogging and keeping up with it all. But I enjoy it and get a lot of enjoyment out of it. Yes, it takes up a lot of time but I make sure I take time away for the rest of my life as well 🙂

        I wasn’t aware you were on Twitter, but thanks for following me on there as well. What’s you Twitter ID so I can follow back, or am I already doing that? I do tend to follow people back who follow me but sometimes may miss one or two.


        • Happy Birthday ‘Hugh’s news and views’… I’m trying to be a bit better at keeping up with my followers, I read a post, that you retweeted actually (I forget the name of the author), and she was talking about engagement and that one (I hate using that word) should try to spend at least an hour a week keeping up with followers, commenting and all that, but it’s gong to be a while untill I’m at your level lol… I’m @Charlie_Kirkby by the way

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          • Thanks, Charlie. I’ll have to save you a bit of Birthday cake.

            Has your blog had its birthday yet? Most of the bloggers (still blogging) from our course last April, all seem to have blog anniversaries around now.

            I’m trying to think who the blogger was whose post I retweeted. I do a lot of retweeting to help promote other bloggers. There’s a lot going on, on Twitter to bring traffic to your blog and since taking Twitter more seriously, I’ve seen a big increase in traffic and followers, so it does seem to work. I’ll retweet your post straight after this comment.


            • That’s very kind of you :)… I think my anniversary is in March I think? I don’t know really, I’ve only been on Twitter for 4-5 days, still trying to get the hang of it I’m more of a Facebook kind of guy.

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              • I would recommend you link up both your Twitter and Facebook accounts to your blog, Charlie. You’ll get a lot more views and followers by doing so. Unless of course you’ve already done it?

                Twitter works very fast. Since tweeting your post, I have had notification that two other Twitter users, who follow me, have retweeted the post as well. One of those Twitter users has over 18,000 followers, the other just over 2,000 followers. 🙂

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  1. This is certainly an interesting post. And I am not a conspiracy theorist, but, I felt a little uneasy checking out the website. I think it is great that you applied for membership to this secret organization. Did you have to reveal your identity or were you able to remain anonymous? I do think someone has come up with an elaborate plan to sell a book.


    • Hi, they did ask me for my address and phone number, but when it came to those boxes I just wronte ‘nope, nope, nope, nope’ I feel sketchy giving my address to Amazon so there is no way I’m giving it to the ‘Illuminati’… I agree that it is probably an elaborate marketing ploy, but its just the extreme lengths they are going to that weirds me out lol

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  2. I think it’s a brilliant concoction of life imitating art, in this case the art of the conspiracy theorists and apocalyptic “Chicken Little” heads. I’m not rich by any stretch but I could easily wipe my ass with the price of their book and necklace so why not have some fun with it? To be honest, my only qualm is that merely by playing along, whomever is actually on the other end of this ride might form the mistaken impression I’m just another gullible lost lamb out there looking for direction, when in reality — having had a couple relatively successful small-scale runs at leading cultus of my own, I’m just a bored peer looking for a new distraction. LOL, I’m sensitive like that. 😉


  3. It is the best ever marketing trick made so far! The whole book is written very clever debunking upwardly, the questions you will have in various topics. Timing has been brilliant and there has been make up buzz about the Illuminati before publishing. It doesn’t matter if it is true or not, people will buy it easily. Then comes the nitche marketing like jewellery by email and people will buy. Absolutely fantastic marketing and bet they are now billionaires 😀


  4. Greetings to everyone! My name is Mr Kelvin Mensah from Kumasi, Ghana. I was once like you, me & my wife were financially down & we used to survive on one meal a day, what kind of life was that to live. I lived in extreme poverty until i saw an opportunity to be a member of the GREAT TEMPLE OF ILLUMINATI BROTHERHOOD and I took my chances but it never misfired. I have been a member for close to 10 years now. The higher you get the richer you become in the Illuminati, it makes your business grow faster than you can ever imagine. Illuminati brings out the talent in you and make you famous. As you become a member of Illuminati order, You will have an opportunity to receive benefits of up to USD 200,000 in the first seven (7) days & there are many more other benefits you stand to gain afterwards. I own a Construction company and one of the Biggest Electronic Appliance shop, and I can now afford to send my family to the US for holidays. Becoming a Member of the ILLUMINATI is not difficult at all, but it not so easy to join either. The only qualifications you will need are; Being 18yrs & older, Being able to provide service for Yourself, like the Politicians, Musicians, Business Man/Woman & Student and also being able to raise a reasonable membership fee as I did. Don’t hesitate to contact Dr david jackson as I did before life becomes a living hell for You. Mr Kelvin Mensah.(


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