Frequently Asked Questions by other visitors, if this doesn’t help please refer to the home page for a contact form.

Q. How handsome are you?

A. Very

Q. If you were a kind of fruit, which fruit would you be?

A. Pinapple

Q. If Mary has 14 Jelly Babies in one hand and 22 in the other, how many Jelly Babies does Mary have?

A. Trick question, Mary is a lying b***h, I know for a fact that she only has Jelly Beans.

Q. If zombies attack my house, what is the best method of defense?

A. Step one, get a blunt instrument, Step 2, Hit it on the head, Step 3, Repeat.

Q. Do people really ask you enough questions to warrant an FAQ section?

A. That depends on your definition of ‘people’.


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