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Hi there.

I am at the moment having a re-think about what I would like to do with my corner of the internet. Watch this space for any new developments, but for now feel free to browse through my ramblings. Hope you enjoy, and if you have you have an opinion, share it in the comments section or if you’re feeling a little shy you can use the contact form below.




16 thoughts on “Contact Charlie

  1. Hilarious! My fleshing out your content + encouraging you + giving you a tagline for an idea that you didn’t know you were going to have is genius. You post boy … make me laugh with every read. See how over-talking and being an idiot you probably thought can be helpful to others like yourself and myself as it is turning around before us making you, me + others smile. You have your wings. Start your novel Charlie, says this editor. You’re Ready. U Have 3 PJ’s to account for who I can tell are your greatest fans Of course you didn’t think I was an idiot You have nothing to lose


    • Yeah I thought having Obama giving the thumbs up could be a little divisive, seeing that most of my followers are American I thought it best to change the pic. It’s a little like one of you guys having David Ca-Moron on yours, Batman seems more inclusive lol…
      And thanks for the Nomi πŸ™‚


        • The moron is our Prime Minister unfortunately lmao… Trust me when I say that calling him a moron is a compliment… what is it you want to do with the links?
          Do you use the link button when editing your posts?


          • You’re Hilarious. It’s a BIG “Compliment” wink, wink, You make me laugh. I don’t use the button. I tried and it goes straight to the mysterious blogroll so I just drop the link into the post, but it isn’t the best way. How many items do you fill out to get the small link result using the link button? I put the URL in and then? Sorry for the bother, but I have admired your use of links since we started Blogging U πŸ™‚


            • Don’t worry about it I’m always happy to help…
              I’ll tell you what I do and then you should be able to adjust that to get the results you want…
              I copy the URL I want, highlight the word or sentence I want a link attached to. press the ‘link’ button, paste the URL into the box, click, ‘open in new window’ and hit ok… Presto, tis done…
              As for YouTube vids, I just copy and paste the URL straight into the post, I give it it’s own space, and then WordPress just converts that into the video on my blog… I’m not sure if that’s a feature of my theme specifically or if that happens on all of them?
              Hope that helps…
              PS, I like how your blog is evolving, read that review of Spiderman 2, and I really liked it…


              • Thank You. Movie Justice is “Evolving” … :))) I love evolution. Spiderman 2 is my first semi-negative post. I couldn’t do it an injustice, so Movie Justice had to spill. Hehehehe

                Thank You Charlieboy! I think I see which step I need to do and that’s highlight where I want the URL to go. I have 2 links somewhere in outer space, but hopefully all will land where I want them to. I”ll let you know, after I have some fun making link changes, which I do find to be a fun feature.
                If no one told you today, YOU’RE THE MAN!!!!! πŸ™‚


                • Happy to help again?Β  Go to the Spiderman 2 review, see how Link-1 works πŸ™‚ by opening up, straight to the article? Then go to Link-2 (the song) + Link-3 (the costumes) and they open-up to the Search where the links are number one but it’s not a direct, straight open-up to the video or article??? Hmmm??? Then there is Link-4 (a review) and it doesn’t open straight to the article either …. like inΒ Link-1 πŸ™‚Β  Any clue???? Growing Pains leads to Growing Pains then maybe EvolutionΒ πŸ™‚ Hehehhee


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