My Mum Is A Christian… Deal With It!

My mum is a Christian, so is my brother, his wife, and so are all of my family (barring a few cousins here and there). I am, at best, an agnostic, I have come to the conclusion that there are a lot of religions in the world, both dead and very much alive, and that they can’t all be the “one true religion heralding the one true God”. But I haven’t got a problem with belief in a higher power, in fact, I think that there are a lot of unexplained things that we puny humans can’t even hope to explain with our current knowledge base. But that is not why I am writing this.

As I said my mum is a Christian, she is also an artist who runs a working studio in her hometown (there is a link to her Facebook page here give her page a like and show her some support), and the guy who runs the shop opposite her studio has a real problem with one of these facts (can you guess which one?). He is an atheist, he has a belief structure that says there is no higher power, and that (apparently) anyone who believes there is one is a moron who needs to be expelled from his immediate vicinity with the same ferocity as one would shoo away an “I’ve survived on Guinness and KFC for 3 days” kind of fart (we’ve all been there).

What got me annoyed, even more than the fact that this c**k hole thought he could have a pop at my mum, was that it’s not like my Mum’s studio has even a remotely Christian approach, the only Christian symbol came in the form of a painted fish that was 1 centimetre in size. It’s not like she tried to violate him with a bible while singing “All things bright and beautiful” is it?


And yet, for this gratuitous display of her belief structure he is holding a protest outside of her studio next week with the sole purpose of “offending” her. Trust me when I say, this woman dragged me up through my teens, there is not a huge amount that can “offend” her, if she hasn’t been there and done it, she watched my brother and I do it, and laughed with us the entire way.

I digress though, the point I am trying to make is that, yes, Christians who ram their belief down your throat and take pleasure in reminding you that you ‘re going to hell for all that f**king and drug abuse you love so much (don’t try to deny it we all know it’s true). They are a**e-holes, but then again. So are atheists who believe that people should be protested against ¬†for the “crime” of having a belief system contradictory to theirs, if you are one of these atheists, then you are no better than the spunk buckets that make up the Westboro Baptist Church.

Whether you believe, and what you believe, is the same as whether you smoke, or drink, or eat, or f**k or decide to start a ferret farm in Venezuela. If it doesn’t affect anyone else negatively, it’s fine, it’s your problem. But if it does, then maybe you need to have a long look at yourself and ask the most important question you can ask “Am I being an a**e-hole”? And if the answer Is “yes”, you need to deal with it yourself, because your problems, like your beliefs are yours alone.