Illuminiat.I.Am Not

Some of you guys will be aware that I’m into conspiracy theories, from Aliens to Fake Landings, Holographic Moons to Crystal Skulls, I can’t get enough of them! I am aware that roughly 99.999% of them are pure bulls**t, but I refuse to let the truth get in the way of a good story, so it won’t stop me from watching videos on YouTube etc. I do want to share an interesting one with you that I found the other week, and it concerns everybody’s favourite boogie man, the Illuminati.

I’ve written a post before saying how the only thing more dangerous than the Illuminati, is believing in the Illuminati, but now it seems that they have gone legit! They have a website, a book, and an advert that must be airing at stupid o’clock in the morning because I’ve never seen it on TV, you can check out the website here, and the advert down below.

*I’m not going to link to the book, if you want it badly enough you can do your own Googling.

I don’t know if you clicked the link or not so I’ll give you a brief rundown of what you would have found had you clicked it. The website itself is actually pretty well made; it looks like a professional website, it outlines some of the Illuminati’s main objectives, and dispels a few myths (like the fact that they aren’t actually Satan worshippers, but then again they would say that wouldn’t they?)

They’ll never suspect a thing, MUHAHAHA

Out of curiosity I emailed them, and then got an email back from ‘Thaddeus I Am‘,

No relation.

saying that my membership was being reviewed.

Fast forward a couple of days and I received another email in which they explained that to complete my membership, I had to answer a couple of questions that related to ‘Illuminatiam: The First Testament of the Illuminati’, unfortunately for them I’m not willing to spend £10 on idle curiosity. However had the book come with a free bottle of wine or a coupon for a free packet of Dairylea or something then I might have bought it.

Because kids will do anything for Dairylea… Or Wine!

But I answered the questions as best as I could.
I became a bit stuck when they asked me for a code that can only be found on page 57 of the Illuminatiam which I had to give in order to submit my answers, there by proving I had bought the book. If you’re asking “What is the code on page 57?” it’s 000000, that’s what I used anyway and it worked just fine. No doubt the Illuminati will be scratching their heads right now wondering how I worked that nugget out, but to them I say.


Again, I don’t know if you dear reader are into conspiracies, or whatever your thoughts are on the Illuminati as an organization, but I would like your opinion on this. Personally I do believe that there is a group of wealthy and influential people governing from behind the scenes, I don’t believe that they are Lizards, or particularly evil or whatever, but similarly I’m not going to be totally convinced by someone who goes by the name Thaddeus I Am.  So what do you think? Are they legit? Is it a new cult for the digital age? Leave your opinion in the comment section.